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5 Paintball Strategies

5 Paintball Strategies

Delta Force Bonneys is the newest paintball centre in Australia. It brings with it all of the world-class qualities found at Delta Force paintball centres around the world, however the location in Baldivis is somewhat unique.

Located less than 30 minutes from the CBD means that Delta Force Bonneys is easily accessible for all players to get to and take full advantage of the amazing outdoor setting.

Bonneys has attracted players from all over Australia as the game scenarios found here are not only the very best in the paintball industry, but they are also some of the first to land on Australian soil. Delta Force has brought their most popular formats and scenarios from Europe to the Western Australian capital and the feedback from customers has been astounding.

Although seeing as though these game zones are new to most customers, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to play the scenarios at Delta Force Bonneys. Put the following five tips into action on your next paintball adventure and you’ll greatly increase your team’s chances of winning:

Get to know the game zone – You will have a massive advantage over your opponents if you and your teammates are able to make a mental map of the paintball field you are going to be playing in. If you know where the good hiding and cover spots are in the game zone then you will be a lot more confident and efficient once you get to play the field.

Split up your team on the field – One mistake that people often make is all hoarding together on the field somewhere. This can make it very easy for the opposing players to take out the majority of your team in one attack. One of the best strategies to use is to split up into pairs or threes and spread out through the game zone, particularly on the flanks so the enemy team can’t go around you. Also, most barricades, not including the larger structures, can only provide enough cover for two to three players.

Think positively – This can sometimes be easier said than done when under heavy fire but a positive mindset is important when you are playing paintball. Keeping a positive outlook will raise the morale of your team and hopefully get them to trust your tactical decisions. If you are thinking negatively then there’s a good chance that you will be a sitting target, as opposed to actively trying to take out opposing members and win the game.

Communication is everything – Good communication is the key to a successful mission. Using clear signals out in the paintball game zones will ensure all team members are aware of what is happening and where the enemy are located. Communicating with your team is essential at all times. When you are under attack, a team with good communication will be able to regroup and go from being the defenders to the attackers.

Keep moving forward – You and your team will need to keep advancing to ensure you keep the enemy on the back-foot. Be sure to move forward as a team, usually in small groups, so that you can always provide cover fire while each team member progresses to the next position. This way you’ll be able to attack one position from two or more points.

Obviously each game zone requires a different strategy, however be sure to ask for help from the marshals for their input. They are all paintball gurus and have seen the game zones played out many times before them. They are there to help and they love seeing their team advancing on the enemy. They’ll probably also award your team some extra points for originality, so get creative in your attempt to defeat the enemy!

Posted in News on 8th July 2011

Last updated 12th February 2020