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Paintball Fields Bonneys.

Bonneys has raised the bar for paintballing standards not only in Perth, but Australia wide. Come and play at this amazing outdoor paintball centre and be blown away by the incredible game zones, professional staff and impeccable facilities on offer.

Get the ultimate paintball experience at Bonneys as you attempt to capture the ancient relic from the pyramid, protect your two-storey fort from an imminent attack, and bring your sharp-shooting mates for the battle in the Wild West! You’ll encounter all of these scenarios plus more on your full-day Bonneys paintball adventure.

Located only 30 minutes from Perth CBD, Bonneys is easily accessible and situated in a paintball friendly environment. Set amongst the luscious Australian bush, together with the movie-set game zones, you and your friends are sure to have the paintball experience of a lifetime.


Tomb Raider, the signature of Delta Force worldwide! Over 5 million players have been entertained at Delta Force centres spanning across 4 continents and this is the game zone they’re all raving about. Giant sphinxes surround the huge pyramid and protect the ancient idol that lies deep beneath its surface. For years, treasure hunters and…

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Who will be brave enough to accept the mission? A giant fortress dominates a clearing in the jungle, and it’s crawling with enemy forces. Your mission is to carry out a “Halo-Insertion”. That’s Special Forces jargon for dropping one of your team members in with an explosive device to take-out the enemy base. This highly…

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You, your team and the wall. It’s 1944 and you have been dropped into a remote area in an attempt to capture a key town. You are in the thick of it, waiting in the dense forest for the signal to attack. You get the nod to move forward. You and your team of commandos…

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Speed is of the essence! This is the quintessential paintball experience. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s all about total annihilation! Your team has been ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves, as a terrorist attack is imminent. The city is in lockdown and it is up to you to restore order back to the…

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This town ain’t big enough for the two of us! Yee Haa! Get your ‘cowboy’ on as this is going to be one wild ride. The outlaws have stormed the town and are causing havoc stealing from businesses and terrorising the locals. The sheriff has called in for backup, as he needs help in disarming…

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Base Camp Base Camp is where you will see yourself turn from average Joe to squadron hero, all with the addition of a combat suit and mask. Base Camp is a a place where you can grab some of the other great extras we have to make your day extra special! Onesie anyone? This is…

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