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How Your Paint Ball Day Unfolds.


Your paint ball day at Delta Force arrives and your group arrives at the paintball centre hyped to the max for a big day of fun. But you wonder, how exactly does this work? What happens when you get in there?

The nutshell version is simple; there are two 3 hour sessions morning and afternoon, you can select session when you book,  you check in, get dressed in paintball gear, listen to a quick talk and learn about your gun and then go shoot other players with paintballs and laugh a lot.

The more in-depth version of how your day will progress is something more like the following.

Opportunities and Registration

Once out of the car you’ll make you way toward the entrance. You are likely to join the queue where an enthusiastic staff member, manning a table full of goodies, will show all those willing to listen, various ways they can upgrade their day. Cool stuff and good info while you make your way the registration table. Did you and your group each get online and download the registration form and fill it in before coming along? If you did, good move. You don’t have to wait for a spare spot at the table. Hand your form to the waiting marshal and you’ll skip through to the next stage of your day.

Equipment Issue and Base Camp

As you flow through into our base camp you’ll be handed your combat kit for the day. All the gear (or similar), except the gun, you see in the image here is yours free for the day with your entry fee. It’s up to you how much of it you wear of course although wearing a paintball mask is compulsory of course. Most of this gear is unique to Delta Force Paintball and has been developed and custom designed by and for us over many years to become the best in the industry. Time to find a spot in base camp to settle into and get set up to play. This is your safe zone for the day and the high fencing ensures no stray shots get in. No need to wear the mask yet. You can buy a snack or drink or even extra paintball ammo if you wish.

Safety Briefing & Team Organisation

Put simply, nobody gets to play paintball until the marshals are certain everyone has been attentive during the short safety speech. You’ll learn how to stay safe out there, what to do when you are hit or need a marshal for any reason. You’ll learn how to use your paintball gun properly as well so it’s well worth listening and concentrating. Teams are also created from the various groups of players present.

Paint Ball Gun Issue

Armed with the knowledge you need to get out there and have a blast, it’s time to put your mask on and head through the gun locker and receive your weapon. Out in the field, this is your best friend, so look after it. Paintball started as a way to mark trees in the forestry industry so you’ll hear the marshals calling these markers which is the correct name. Want to fire off a few rounds before the battle begins? Immediately after receiving your marker you’ll see practice target range where you can squeeze off a few shots to get your eye in. Suddenly the confidence builds, lets go play paintball.


Let the Paint Ball Games Begin

Your team is accompanied by one or more of our professionally trained marshals and you are going to love yours! These people are amazing. Unlike many marshals who work for our competitors and simply stand back looking bored while you struggle through a game of paintball, our marshals love their job. They will lead you to the paintball game zone (which are often movie-quality, paintball specific layouts and structures) and give you an energy filled outline of the game you are about to play. And, if you think they’ll let you face the enemy alone you are definitely mistaken. Your marshals will run into battle with you without ever firing a shot. That’s your job. The marshals are a combination of field commander, medic (for any guns or masks that need cleaning), spotter and referee. They’ll watch the younger players like hawks to make sure they are enjoying themselves and are safely getting a piece of the action. They’ll give you hints and tips on how to achieve the game objectives and they’ll inspire and fill all players in their charge with confidence. Before you know it, your first game will be over and you’ll know if you have Rambo’s blood coursing through your veins as you unload volley after volley of ammo onto the enemy players or whether you are more the silent assassin type. Will you lead your group to victory? Or will you be one of the highly valued soldiers dutifully executing your leaders orders? Whoever you are are with a weapon in hand and under enemy fire, you’ll soon know.

Accolades, Presentations & Heading For Home

A little sad it’s all coming to an end, you gather together with your group once and excitedly recount the action you’ve been in. The marshals aren’t finished yet though cause it’s presentation time. The days score are totalled up and your marshals make their recommendations for the Top Gun awards. The winning team is announced and those who caught the eye of their marshals in the heat of battle receive an award for bravery, or perhaps simply being most valuable. And then it’s time to return your kit and say goodbye to your faithful marshals and head for the car. But don’t expect a quiet ride home! Everyone is still buzzed and eager to tell many tales of their own heroics and achievements during the many missions. Another memorable day at Delta Force Paintball has ended and your cruise home listening to the vows to return by everyone in the car. And many will.

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