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Perth Paintball

Adventure Sports Perth

Adventure Sports Perth

As the battle is happening in the middle of the field, you see an opportunity to flank around the side of the zone. With the enemy completely unaware of your whereabouts, you move closer and closer taking refuge behind each tree you reach. You are now behind enemy lines and without any teammate support. Can you eliminate the enemy on your own? Only time will tell…

Come and visit Delta Force Muchea and Delta Force Bonneys for your shot at paintball heroism. We have the most action-packed game zones and best the equipment in the industry, ensuring you have the ultimate paintball adventure!

Paintball is one adventure sport that must be played by everyone at least once in their lifetime. There is nothing quite like the thrill of eliminating your first player. The feeling of excitement rushes through the body as you squeeze the trigger, see the paintball head straight for the enemy and SPLAT, they’re out of the game.

The sport is even more exciting when you can get a group of friends together. Paintball is a great team sport and it requires a lot of communication out on the field to be victorious. Figure out a set of hand signals that’ll be easy to recognise what your next move will be. Seeing your plan of attack in action is absolute bliss. Seeing your plan of attack be successful… well you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Come and visit one of our Perth paintball centres to see if you have what it takes to be a great leader.

Delta Force Muchea is conveniently located just under an hours drive north of the CBD, just off the Brand Highway. Perth’s newest paintball centre, Delta Force Bonneys, is located in Bonneys Water Ski Park just 30 minutes south of the CBD.

Both paintball centres come complete with movie-set game zones, impeccable facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. On your paintballing adventure at Muchea or Bonneys you can rest assured that you will have the paintball adventure of a lifetime.

Experience the thrills of paintballing as you attack and defend on the best scenarios in the Australian paintball industry. Attempt to pass the giant sphinxes and enter the pyramid to capture the ancient relic, or intercept the terrorists before they successfully attack your military communications base.

You will encounter all this plus more on your Perth paintball adventure.

Delta Force Paintball is the world leader in paintball games and has safely entertained more than 3 million customers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland.

Whatever the occasion, bring your family, colleagues or friends along and see for yourself what all of the hype is about.

Round up the troops and contact us today on 1300 795 336 or by email.

Posted in News on 14th April 2011

Last updated 12th February 2020