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Buck’s Party Perth

An action-packed and adrenaline-fuelled day is waiting for you and your mates at two of the best paintballing centres in Australia!

Visit Delta Force Muchea or Bonneys for the best way to kick off your buck’s party. We have the most adventurous movie-set game zones and incredible equipment to offer you the ultimate paintball adventure.

With paintballs travelling at speeds of up to 300 feet per second, it’s essential that you are issued with top-of-the-range equipment. All Delta Force players will receive on arrival all of the essentials for battle, including full-length camouflage overalls, a full-head protective goggle system and a 0.68 calibre inferno paintball machine gun.

This gun offers impressive accuracy and firepower. The sleek and lightweight design will mean you and your entourage can move around the fields in stealth mode, sneak up and defeat the opposition. Or if subtlety is not your strong point then just go all gung-ho until you’ve shot everything in sight… except for your own team members of course.

On the paintball field true friendships will be forged. Will you take one for the team and jump in front of an incoming paintball to save the buck from being eliminated?

Every weekend Delta Force entertains numerous bucks’ parties who have an absolute blast getting out onto the paintball field wearing the most fluorescent items they could find, usually stolen from their girlfriend’s wardrobe.

Dressing up is not essential, but wouldn’t it be hilarious watching the groom-to-be and best man moving around the game zones wearing a bright pink tutu or a mankini!

However you choose to go about the day we are sure on one thing… that you and your mates will have a buck’s party to remember long after the wedding.

Special games can also be tailored to your party and can single out certain people of interest.

Join the hundreds of other buck’s parties that have been entertained at Delta Force and call us today to make a booking on 1300 795 336.

Posted in News on 14th March 2011

Last updated 12th February 2020