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Paint balling Fields Muchea

Visit Delta Force Muchea for the ultimate paint balling experience! With the most exciting game scenarios and the best equipment in the industry, get your friends together for an action-packed paintball adventure.

Opening in July 2009, Delta Force Muchea’s focus on quality game scenarios, safety and a professional service has not only revolutionised the sport of paintball in Perth, it has also welcomed many new players to this amazing sport and encouraged new participants to try this adrenalin packed activity.

Located only 1 hour from Perth Muchea is a paint balling field for all levels of experience and all levels of fitness.So whether you are a weekend warrior or an average Joe, start prepping the entourage for what will be a truly memorable day.


The Giant Sphinx awaits! Tomb Raider is the signature scenario of Delta Force Paintball centres worldwide! Over 5 million players have played at Delta Force on 4 separate continents and this is the game zone they all rave about. The ancient idol lies deep beneath its surface and for years, would be treasure hunters and…

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Base Camp Base Camp is where you will see yourself turn from average Joe to squadron hero, all with the addition of a combat suit and mask. Base Camp is a a place where you can grab some of the other great extras we have to make your day extra special! Onesie anyone? This is…

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Are you FAST enough? This is the classic paintball game experience. Fast, furious and its all about total domination! Only complete annihilation of the enemy is acceptable. Your team has been ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves, and word has it that a terrorist attack against the fuel dump is imminent. The city is…

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In the jungle… Bravo-4-Zero is a top-secret base situated in the jungle and controls the western world military communications. Intelligence has reported that a terrorist sleeper cell has been identified as having the coordinates to this installation and is planning its destruction. You and your team of highly trained operatives have been called in to…

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Get in quick, get out quicker! Enter the prison war camp if you dare. Thinking you’ve been sent to Southeast Asia to make a Vietnam War film, you find yourself lost in the jungle along with your movie-star friends. When one of you gets caught and sent to the war camp, it is up to…

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Welcome to ‘Gitmo.’ This military prison is about to transition from a controlled military facility into absolute chaos. The detainees are organising an uprising and the marines need to rally to keep the feared terrorist leader from escaping. You and the other marines need to restore order before things get out of control. Can you…

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