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Paintball in Perth for Girls

With two outdoor movie-set paintball centres to choose from, paintball in Perth has never looked so good. Delta Force offers the complete girls day out at either of our centres in Muchea or Baldivis, making for an entertaining day out be it for your hen’s party or just a day out with the girls.

Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world as it offers a fun and exciting day out for players of all ages and skill levels. No previous experience is necessary and there is room for everyone on the team, no matter what your style of play. Whether you want to lead from the front and attack or defend the fort from the back, all players will have their chance at paintball heroism on a day out with Delta Force.

Delta Force is famous for offering state-of-the-art equipment and world-class movie-set paintball game zones, and our two Perth paintball centres are no different. Many of the game zones you’ll encounter on your Perth paintball experience are new on Australian soil but have proved extremely popular with players around Europe.

Castle Braveheart is always a crowd favourite, but you’ll also get to apply your skills to game zones such as Tomb Raider, the Wild West and Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

On arrival at the paintball centre you and your group will receive all of the essential gear necessary to get you ready for combat. Not only will you get a full length camouflage body suit with protective neck padding, a full head helmet and a battle pack capable of holding an additional 400 paintballs, but you’ll also receive our custom-designed body armour which gives you added protection to the upper torso.

This impressive equipment is issued to all players free of charge and ensures that you and your team can go onto the paintball field in confidence!

Let Delta Force Paintball organise a thrilling and adventurous paintball experience for you and the girls. It’ll truly be a day to remember!

Picture yourself positioned low behind the giant sphinx. The ancient relic that you need to acquire is near. Will your girls provide you with cover fire as you attempt to retrieve it, or will they let the enemy light you up like a Christmas tree?

Contact us today on 1300 795 336 and get your next paintball adventure booked.

Posted in News on 28th July 2011

Last updated 14th February 2020