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Perth Paintball

Bucks Parties


It’s all the fun of the army without the haircut!

Picture this – you and your mates decked out in full length camouflage overalls with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball Machine Gun in your hands. Sound like fun? It’s definitely the best possible way to kick off your buck’s party as it’s a group activity that everyone can enjoy.

Once you get the date sorted and make a booking then you can leave the rest to us! We’ll make sure your session is one to remember.


Over the years Delta Force has entertained hundreds of buck’s groups, ensuring their buck’s festivities kick off with a bang. Be sure to let our staff know on the session who the groom-to-be is as we have a few games up our sleeve that can be saved for the lucky guy (lucky – depending on who you ask).

Our incredible paintball scenarios will provide you and your mates with a session of adrenaline-fuelled action and laughter, and with our paintball centres being less than an hour from the city you’re just a stone’s throw away from your nighttime activities.

There is no better experience than being out on the paintball field with your closest mates as you attempt to defeat the enemy.

Feel free to bring whatever props you feel necessary to make the buck stand out from the group. Bright and ridiculous costumes are a popular choice such as a pink tutu. But we’ve seen it all when it comes to buck’s parties, just make sure you have a camera on hand to capture the outlandish outfits!

So give Delta Force a call today and send your buck out with a bang!