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“Dave met us at the gate with enthusiasm and commitment to making our experience fabulous. Extremely clear in his instructions and customer service made us feel we were the only ones there – this was not the case! Jake greeted us matching Dave’s intensity of welcome and clearly explained what we needed, how to do this and in which direction to manage all of this. Charlotte was quick in greeting us and again answering questions for us and suggesting the best way for a group of novice paintballers to purchase and wear and prepare for the games. Jake constantly made sure we were getting sorted and this was great as questions were quickly answered and we felt that we knew what to do. This is a good feeling when you have never been to paint ball before and have 4 trigger happy teens with you! The briefings were clear and direct. The handling of the games and encouragement throughout were brilliant. Jake’s and Dave’s commands encouraged the whole battle field and tactically helped build confidence in those playing. Their swift moving of players between the games, the home base and the fields was masterfully manouveered. Their safety for the group was beyond reproach and their handling of one that did not want to confirm was just brilliant to watch! – as a teacher I am always having to do this in the classroom and even I learnt something from these two!!! The overall experience was far beyond what I thought the day would be. As a 44 year old Mum, I have finally found a safe way to ‘kill’ my children!!!”
Sarah | Delta Force Paintball – Muchea, Perth WA Australia

“What an awesome day. I could not ask for a more professionally run event”
Greg | Delta Force Paintball – Appin NSW Australia

“SURRENDER SURRENDER! Awesome stuff guys! Enjoyed our experience thoroughly. Highly recommended!”
Imran | Delta Force Dingley – Melbourne VIC, Australia

“Epic Day today at Delta Force, thanks for having us!”
Christiaan | Delta Force Paintball – Appin NSW Australia

“Hey thanks for the paintballing last Sunday you guys are the best! My fave is the pyramid”
Riti | Delta Force Bonneys – Perth WA Australia

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